NY Times: Design Gets More Diverse

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The New York Times

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A recent New York Times article by Alice Rawsthorn featured three successful African-American designers and discussed diversity in design and talked about Chuck’s experience in comparison to today’s designers. Although many strides have been made since Chuck began working, there clearly is a great deal of work ahead to give creative young African Americans the knowledge, skills resources to succeed in the design world. Read the article here.

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Charles Harrison

Charles Harrison

1931 - 2018

Charles “Chuck” Harrison is a designer, educator and speaker specializing in industrial design across multiple consumer products areas. The primary portion of his career was spent working for Sears Roebuck & Company, beginning as a freelancer, then as a staff designer and later as the head of the company’s design department. A prolific designer, Harrison’s work touched almost every area of household products from cribs to tractors and everything in between.


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