The Greatest Generation?

Army Service Chuck Harrison
Chuck Harrison drawing maps in the field in West Germany, 1955

This Black History Month we remember that the United States Military didn’t desegregate until the 1950’s. And despite, black progress was hampered by lack of access to GI bill benefits for housing and education for African Americans until landmark civil rights legislation in the 1960s. Despite the obstacles a few, like world-renown industrial designer, Chuck Harrison, whose story is told in A Life’s Design,  were able to use military service as a spring-board to exemplary careers when opportunities began to open for Black strivers on a world stage, if not always at home.

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Charles Harrison

Charles Harrison

1931 - 2018

Charles “Chuck” Harrison is a designer, educator and speaker specializing in industrial design across multiple consumer products areas. The primary portion of his career was spent working for Sears Roebuck & Company, beginning as a freelancer, then as a staff designer and later as the head of the company’s design department. A prolific designer, Harrison’s work touched almost every area of household products from cribs to tractors and everything in between.


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